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Hotel Information
You may choose to experience the rich heritage of India by staying in a boutique resort or want to stay within a beautifully manicured five-star luxury resort which combines architectural elegance and luxury with first class service pandering to your every need. Whatever your requirement, India guarantees its visitors a choice of accommodation with good standards of hygiene and service.

You can be assured that every hotel/ resort/ boutique or heritage accommodation offered by India Travel Centre is personally inspected by India Travel Centre staff to ensure you have a comfortable stay.


Hotel Classification

Rather than adopting the local or international ratings which can sometimes be misleading, we have devised our own rating system based on our own experience and those of our guests.

-Luxury class standards of accommodation and service with an excellent range of facilities.

-Luxury class standards of accommodation and service with a good range of facilities.

-First class standards of accommodation and service with a good range of facilities.

-Comfortable accommodation with a good range of facilities.

-Comfortable accommodation with a limited range of facilities.

-Basic accommodation with a limited range of facilities.

Accommodation Types

Hotels/resorts – this type of accommodation comprises at least six rooms and a restaurant. The larger hotels normally offer a good array of facilities and services either at the resort/hotel or nearby.

Heritage hotels/resorts: accommodation which has been built using either whole or partly reclaimed materials to recreate the history and authenticity of buildings from a bygone era. There is normally a good array of facilities at the larger resorts.

Boutique hotels: accommodation which is characterised by the historical nature of the building and its interior furnishings which provides for an intimate and usually luxurious environment. Boutique hotels differentiate themselves from larger chain/branded hotels by offering a personalized level of accommodation and services/facilities.

For your convenience we have listed the hotels into different categories such as Beach Hotels, Heritage Hotels, Wildlife hotels, Homestays, Metropolitan city hotels, Backwater Resorts, Hill resorts and Ayurveda resorts. Click here for details of hotels by type. 

Hotel facilities

Within each of the descriptions for hotels we have a ‘facilities’ section which presents travellers with information to help with their selection of accommodation. The facilities mentioned are either located on the premises (swimming pools, restaurants etc) or are nearby (bike riding, water sports, treks etc.)

Whilst all the information was correct at the time of going to press, alterations to hotel facilities can occur. We endeavour to keep our clients advised of these changes when making a booking.

Making the right choice

We appreciate how difficult it is to choose your holiday experience from a travel website. We would therefore like to assure you that the accommodations published in this brochure has been carefully selected by the India Travel Centre to offer the best India properties within each budget category.

If you require more information about the resorts’ location, facilities and standards, please feel free to speak to one of our India experts on freephone 0800 195 4290 who will be happy to advise you.
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